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Jake Mulder is an all-around fitness connoisseur eager and passionate about helping others reach their fitness goals. He provides coaching services for all levels of training expertise, whether it is beginner, athletic, or bodybuilding.
Over a decade ago, Jake decided to take his fitness journey into his own hands and threw his heart into changing his appearance using diet and exercise. Through trial and error, Jake was able to fine-tune his efforts and develop his extensive knowledge of fitness and nutrition. Most importantly prioritizing mind over muscle. When the mind-to-muscle communication is on point, muscle development increases at a greater pace. This is accomplished through correct form, variation, and technique along with proper nutrition. Fitness is a science. Human anatomy, physiology, nutrition and how it all connects to wellness is an important consideration for Jake and his coaching. The importance of having a strong mind to reach one’s desired goals through discipline is directly correlated to overall mental and physical health.
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